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All our certification audits are completed by IRCA qualified lead auditors who take a friendly and considerate approach and are encouraged to focus on the big picture rather than pedantic box-ticking and the pointless jargon used by other certification companies. isoassured provide a flexible iso certification process that can be tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation - we find most management systems can be fully audited in a single day. We have a fixed price schedule for iso certification and do not use turnover or number of employees to determine fees - cost is entirely based on time required to complete an assessment. Our certification process is intended to be beneficial and our customer focussed approach allows certification to take place with minimal disruption to the normal business operations of your organisation.


ISO Certification Process

Assessment Visit - one of our auditors will visit your organisation to complete an assessment audit to determine that ;
a.) The requirements of the standard have been met;
b.) That following own procedures;
c.) That meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.
Our auditors are also encouraged to provide assistance and help wherever possible. Unlike during UKAS accredited audits, where providing help or consultancy is strictly forbidden, our auditors can provide helpful advice including guidance on how you could simplify or improve your management system documentation.
Audits that are Beneficial not Bureaucratic
- We aim for our audits to be beneficial and useful and our auditors are encouraged to focus on the things that matter and will not deliver fussy clause style audits that focus on the standards and jargon rather than what is best for your organisation.
Audit Report & Findings - Upon completion of the audit the auditor will review any Opportunities for Improvement, Observations or Non-Conformances and you will receive a copy of the full audit report detailing what evidence was viewed and any findings. If there are issues with documentation, such as policies, we can provide assistance and as an isoassured client you will also have access to our online alpha-Z documents package which can be used to assist with closing any gaps or addressing any shortcomings with documentation.


Benefits of ISO Certification

Gaining certification / registration to an ISO standard can lead to a number of significant benefits to your organisation both in terms of improved and more efficient internal processes but also externally in terms of improved interactions with customers, suppliers and sub-contractors.
Marketing Benefits - Achieving certification with isoassured allows your organisation to display iso registered logos on your marketing materials and web site. This shows your trading partners, existing and potential customers that you have implemented systems to meet the requirements of an internationally recognised standard.
Improved Efficiency - We place an emphasis on improving systems to identify and resolve any areas where problems may arise and then prevent recurrence of problems.
Legislative Compliance - The audit process will also include a review of regulatory and legal requirements. Going through our certification process will address and assess your compliance and will help ensure the management of your organisation includes having systems in place to ensure applicable regulations are met.
Improved Organisation - Effective management systems can help your organisation in organising and formalising processes, documents and procedures. Operatives within your company and your customers and sub-contractors can benefit from improved organisation and understanding


isoassured Certification Benefits

Flexibility - As we are not bound by UKAS rules we are able to offer an approach that meets your requirements rather than meeting guidelines and regulations that have no relevance to your organisation.
No Contract - there is no contract with isoassured certification allowing complete flexibility
Audits that are appropriate in terms of time allocated - we will not impose on you an excessive number of days of auditing. If the assessment can be completed in a day that is all we will allocate. Why pay for an audit over 5 days when it can be completed in 1?
Financial Cost - With isoassured all costs are fixed and up-front with no unexpected extras. If you are looking for low cost certification we are able to offer incredibly competitive packages to get you certified. Our costs are based on the time required to complete the audit - we do not charge based on your business size or turnover.
Competitive Advantage - achieve ISO certification at a lower cost than your competitors.
Time Cost - most audits can be completed in a single visit and in a manner that does not interfere with your normal business operations
Access to Online Resources - isoassured certification clients have free access to alpha-Z documents which is a comprehensive documentation package comprising forms, policies, registers, checklists, implementation guidance, ISO standards correlation and ISO guidance.


UKAS accredited Certification

isoassured are not UKAS accredited and with clients who require UKAS accredited certification we can complete a pre-certification audit to ensure the management system is meeting the requirements of the standard(s) and ready for assessment by a 3rd party UKAS accredited certification company. We can assist with selection of UKAS accredited certification providers and help to ensure everything is ready to achieve UKAS accredited certification first time and without any issues.

Do I need UKAS accredited certification? - This can depend on a number of factors and we would complete a review of your requirements to establish the correct certification route for your organisation.

There are 3 levels of ISO Compliance / Certification;
Level 1 - Management Systems in place to the requirements of the standards but no formal audit / certification completed
Level 2 - Systems in place and certified by 3rd party certification company
Level 3 - Systems in place and certified by a UKAS accredited certification company

Going straight to level 3 - UKAS accredited certification can sometimes be the wrong decision as the costs and number of days audit stipulated by UKAS rules can mean your organisation would incur large costs in terms of time and certification fees with little return or benefit if you do not need this certification. With the isoassured approach you can stop at level 2 and consider the costs / benefits of moving to level 3, confident that your management systems are level 3 ready.


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