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iso assured Certification Costs

Unlike many rival certification companies we do not calculate certification costs based on any factor other than the amount of work and time involved in completing an assessment of your systems to determine if your organisation meets the requirements of the standard.

  • We do not charge Based on Turnover
  • We do not charge based on Number of Staff or operatives

There are some factors that can increase the time required to adequately complete an assessment and which may lead to additional costs. For example if the scope of certification covers a number of different activities, if your organisation operates on a number of different sites and you require on-site assessments at more than one location.

For most certifications we charge a single fixed fee - Details of our fees can be found here

To apply for certification you can complete the application form, available to download here, or contact us and we will take your details and complete it for you.

If you would like to receive a costed quote for certification please contact us.



Application form

Please download and complete this application form. Completed form can be returned by email or post.

iso assured application form



If you need help with the application process or want to give us your details over the phone please contact us on 033 33 55 0860

about iso assured

iso assured was established by consultants and auditors with the aim of creating the most beneficial and efficient iso certification service.

Our aim is to provide a certification service that not only certifies but also benefits our clients with a cost effective and flexible approach that is adapted to the individual needs and knowledge of our customers.

We do not charge based on turnover or number of employees - our fee structure is entirely based on the certification process and time required to adequately assess your company.

We recognise that some organisations have very good systems implemented by well qualified and experienced practitioners - this allows us to simplify assessment where applicable.

We include advice and consultancy in the assessment process since to not offer advice, when we have vastly experienced assessors, would be less useful to our customers.


We have many years experience of assisting companies implement and assess UKAS accredited management systems but the aim of iso assured is to offer a non-UKAS certification service with a focus on providing maximum benefit to our clients.


Benefit focussed approach

As we are not bound by any external organisations we can offer a flexible and focussed assessment process specifically designed for the benefit of your organisation.

If you need assistance and would like to arrange for a consultant / assessor to visit your organisation and assist with development or review of systems we can arrange this.

If you feel you have the knowledge and experience necessary to self-certify your systems we can assist you by providing the checklists necessary to demonstrate your systems meets the requirements.



Apply Online Now - Click Apply Now below & complete application online

Payment can be made online using credit / debit card / paypal account or you can request invoice for offline payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Consultancy packages - if you need assistance with development and implementation of systems we have a range of low cost and flexible consultancy packages available. Please firstly complete the application and one of our advisors will then undertake an initial assessment and advise on the best consultancy package to meet your requirements.

Other additional services such as Audit Training, Assessment Visits, assistance with additional documentation / procedures can be added to your package after application.

Certification Assessment

Please complete this online form if you wish to book and pay for an iso assessment online. To complete an application which will be processed and invoiced for offline payment select the 'application form' link above.


Note - this is our standard assessment fee and additional costs may be incurred if the assessment is required to take place at more than 1 site, over more than a single day, or if the assessment location requires additional travel or accommodation costs.

  • Please complete the application form and contact us if you wish a costed proposal for assessment.

Once you have completed the application we will carry out an initial assessment to identify any gaps or issues and agree a time scale for full assessment. If you have systems already in place we can usually assess and certify within a couple of weeks.

Price : £470 (1 standard)
(2 Standards : £730, 3 Standards : £890)