iso assured

iso assured Certification Costs

Unlike many rival certification companies we do not calculate certification costs based on any factor other than the amount of work and time involved in completing an assessment of your systems to determine if your organisation meets the requirements of the standard.

  • We do not charge Based on Turnover
  • We do not charge based on Number of Staff or operatives

There are some factors that can increase the time required to adequately complete an assessment and which may lead to additional costs. For example if the scope of certification covers a number of different activities, if your organisation operates on a number of different sites and you require on-site assessments at more than one location.

For most certifications we charge a single fixed fee - Details of our fees can be found here

To apply for certification you can complete the application form, available to download here, or contact us and we will take your details and complete it for you.

If you would like to receive a costed quote for certification please contact us.